So much happening - and no time to report

My dad has been in hospital - in fact several hospitals over the past weeks, and I knew I had to go and see him.  But how do I do it?  I had neatly arranged the transition between the house at Paddington and the house at Wakerley, but I had to go to Adelaide in the middle of it all.  It is always hard to keep up close and personal with elderly parents living so far away, but in the end with a lot of negotiation I managed to do it.

I exited one house (Paddo), stayed a night with my daughter and her family (babysitting duties) and then flew to Adelaide the next morning.

How cold was it in Adelaide?  Just so uncomfortable.  I stayed at my father's unit (could have stayed with my sister, but my legs don't like stairs and her bedrooms are upstairs. 

I visited Dad in hospital, and then negotiated his transfer to other accommodation.  He did want to go to Alwyndor Aged Care, but in the end there was no room.  As it turns out I got him into Respite at a lovely nursing home at the rear of the Warradale Army Camp - where he spent some time when he enlisted in 1937!

I spent four days running around chasing paperwork, paying accounts, sorting out things.  It was exhausting.  I slept at the unit - in a very uncomfortable single bed, which I nearly fell out of as I turned over in my sleep. 

I returned to Brisbane last night - knowing that my dad was settled in the interim, and that family members there would keep an eye on him.  I had a "babysitting" duty - both girls are old enough to be of some assistance, and helped me move into the next house, and were great in the supermarket.

I love the house.  Will be very comfortable here - at least when I get the television obeying my command!  But last night I just went to bed - in an effort to catch up on sleep and try and help my recovery from the cold that entered by body in the cold of the south of Australia.

I missed Master Chef, but watched some of it this morning.  How wonderful is the photography of the two girls who were lucky to win a trip to Wellington in New Zealand.


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