My Chinese connections...............

Of course we Australians know that many Chinese people have settled here - actually since the very early days of our history.  They opened the first restaurants - Chinese of course, and for many years they were the growers of much of our fruit and vegetables.

My sojourn in China has linked me forever to Chinese people - and it continues.  My father's nurse was from China.  She had trained in Shanghai and came to Australia quite a few years ago.  She is going back next week to see her parents with her boyfriend, an Australian.  I said to her, "What does you mother think of that?"  She told me that her mother was not happy - would prefer her to marry a Chinese man.  She was a lovely girl, so I hope he is good enough to win over the girl's mother.

I went to Medicare on Dad's behalf and as I came out, there was a man lolling back in an armchair reading a book. (I might add that the armchair was part of a display for one of the shops!!!)  I smiled and he stopped me and we chatted. His wife was in Medibank and he was waiting and reading.  The book he was reading was called "The Heavenly Man" about a Chinese Christian Brother.  The man reading the book was an ESL teacher - had worked in Cambodia and Laos.  He rated the book highly, so I will purchase it shortly.

I also had a shampoo and blow dry at Marion Shopping Center - and guess what!  My hairdresser was Chinese - a lovely girl, who is also taking her new boyfriend home to her parents, but he is Chinese.  We laughed when I said "Mother will be happy!"


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