Sunday, July 31

Junior Master Chefs

My grandchildren are keen followers of two television programs - one is Channel 9's "The Block" where couples are given the task of renovating a house - and under real pressure conditions transforming some old rundown houses in Melbourne, Victoria.  The other is "Master Chef" on Channel 10 and the girls are really keen cooks too.

I received a call from my daughter asking if the girls could overnight with me - so I worked out how they could cook for me.   We were having fish and chips for mains, (bought at the local fish and chippery) and for dessert I planned what they later called Dianne's Pancakes.

I had a pack of frozen berries in the freezer, so bought a bottle of Woolworths Pancake Mix - I like the one where you just add water and shake.  I also bought some cream.  I cooked the berries, just a little with some sugar, and set them aside, and when the girls came they cooked pancakes, and the toffee.

A was in charge of 'plating up' (I had to smile as this term was unknown to me at that age - she's 11), and after we had eaten the fish and chips the two girls worked together to produce the dessert.

Perhaps my only negative comment was that she could have used more of the berry mixture in the pancake itself, and also used more toffee.  I would have put the cream ON the pancake with larger slivers of toffee. 

In any case it worked a treat, and we had some left over for breakfast, as long as we did not tell their mum that they had toffee for breakfast. (My lips are sealed.)

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