Sunday, July 24


It has been only three short days since my return from Adelaide and the funeral of my father so am am still trying to settle back down.  I do think of him often and tears come, but I ama managing well.  It is a weird feeling, though.  I have had my dad in my life all my life until now.

Yesterday I went for some special 'me' time - driving down to Logan to look at Ikea. - I did have a couple of things I wanted to 'look' at but I had no deep determination to spend.  Just looking.  In the end I came back with a small pile of things - cost less than $24.  It was a lovely outing and I look forward to returning.  I did see some things I would love to have in my own home - if ever that dream becomes reality again.

Our marital home is on the market - so maybe I will get a few dollars, but not enough to buy/build a home of my own.


textilefiend said...

I really enjoy your blog - been reading for at least a year now. I trust the future is kind to you with your impending house sale - we are putting the 'marital home' on the market soon as well, and the future is not clear at all....

franky said...

Beautiful post, and so very true. It is very hard to lose someone you love, but it is something we all must face.
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