Along the Old Cleveland Road, just before Capalaba is a funny sight - rows and rows of portable dunnies.  I had thought it would make a good photo, and one day, with camera, took off to see if I could get a shot of at least some of them.

It wasn't easy.  The dunnies are behind a wire fence which hs weeds growing through it - but I managed to find a spot where I could pull away the weeds and get a good shot.  Also as it was a Saturday, there was a lot of traffic.  I spied another place that I might get a better shot - but couldn't park there.

I spent some time driving around as well and found places I had never been to - and this lovely old house.  It is hard to tell if someone still lives there, but I am sure someone visits the property regularly.  These old houses are more common on the country towns than they are around the city and suburbs now, and it is sadly in need of some care. But out back of the lovely old house was a dunny - on old style dunny!


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