Back again

One of the challenges when a lone house sitter is managing family events - especially when in my case the family live interstate.  I had been to Adelaide earlier as my father was unwell, and we had arranged his transfer to a nursing home, but his health continued to deteriorate so I set off to Adelaide again.  Again I had to prevail on family members of the house owners to take care of the little dog (though I could have used kennels as an alternative.)

So off to Adelaide I went.  Timely, as I was there to arrange for my father's transfer to yet another nursing home - the one that he'd  set his heart on spending his last days in.  And as it turned out, he didn't even get to spend a day there - several hours after his arrival at the new place, he said he wanted to sleep and he did - never to wake up again.

So our family mourned as we made arrangements for his funeral/celebration service.  I will go into more detail about that at another blog. 

Suffice to say I had one hell of a week and a bit in Adelaide.  Sleepless nights, lots of tears etc - but eventually I was able to return 'home', and Marty the dog was brought back to his home too.

I am trying to settle back into a 'normal' life, but from time to time I do think of my father, his demise and fill up with sadness.


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