Watch out for the vet bills.

I received an email from a fellow house sitter who looked after a house in Adelaide belonging to a university professor and his family.  There were two dogs to care for in a northern beach side suburb - and despite the occasional challenge with life in a new house, and new state, it was a pretty ok 'tour of duty'.

During the period, one of the dogs needed medical treatment and the dog was taken to the vet, and in accordance with the instructions, the account was left for the dog owners to pay, though the house sitter did 'sign the dog in'.

Months later, debt collectors are chasing the house sitter because the vet bill has not been paid, and it appears that the owner and his family have moved.  No one can find them.

The house sitter is being targeted for the money owed which is over $1000!!!  A little warning here.

I don't have any particular recommendations, other than to ensure that any amount spent on behalf of the house owner, is sorted out. 

I have had to call in an electrician - but I did not have to deal with the bill.  A story like this certainly makes you awere of the risks one takes.

My next house sit is where there is a dog - and I am sure I will have no trouble getting them to pay for any bills that come up.

However, even in this house, I am paying for some repairs to the car as I was driving it when it happened.  Someone must have swiped the rear vision mirror which has lost its back and I need to replace it. 

House sitters need to take care not to damage things - or if they do, they must pay for the repairs.


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