On Saturday I spent the day at Wynnum - met with friend for lunch, and then attended a 'world premier' of a play called "Presumed Guilty" written by Margaret Dakin.  Oh, and I picked up some new shoes (second pair at half price, so I just had to!) and a new purple watch.

Margaret Dakin (far left) on stage after the performance.

Lunch was great at the Olive Cafe in Bay Terrace, and we met Karla - actually one of the staff, but she sat at our table to eat her lunch, and we got chatting.  She is a Jazz singer and some of her craftwork is available to purchase at The Collective Store in Bay Terrace, so we wandered in to the shop and perused the awesome creations there.   I should have had my camera with me - but perhaps I can do that later.

Karla is singing there next week at Wynnum Up Late too.  After watching "Presumed Guilty" I headed back to Paddington and as I drove west there was an awesome view as the sun set behind the clouds giving them a rather gorgeous red glow.  I thought of stopping and taking a photo but there were too many power lines etc in the line of sight so I decided to go to Mt Coot-tha, on Sunday night.

On Sunday there was a lot of cloud cover and I wondered about the project, but as late afternoon came the skies cleared and I drove up to the top of the Mt.  Here are some of the photos I took - the clouds were not as bright as they had been 24 hours earlier, and even from Mt Coot-tha it is not easy to get a good view of the sun setting.  I met a guy there who was also taking photos (with a film camera - he said he could not afford digital) who discussed his idea of making a tower or larger and higher platform so that we could see west above the trees.

I was amazed at the number of people up there at that time of day.  As I left they were still arriving.  Here are some of the photos I took.

Brisbane City from Mt Coot-tha


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