Friday, June 17

One Door Opens, One Closes

It is short few days before I move from Paddington to the next house sit at Wakerley.  It will be with mixed feelings though, as I have enjoyed my nearly 10 months living in leafy Paddington with the peace and quiet at night.  After hour house at Wynnum where the traffic noises often woke me in the night.  Idiots would try and see how fast they could get around the corner without smashing their cars - which they often did.  I would hear the squealing of tyres and wait for the BANG, and often go out and administer first aid or call the Police/Ambulance etc.  I hated it. 

Here there is seldom a noise at night, except for the possums dancing around the roof.  They can be noisy animals - even this morning there was a possum fight on the roof.  Rather unnerving at times as they thump around.

The "new" house is in a cul de sac, and there should not be much trouble with traffic there.  It is all on one level (no stairs at all) and a lovely back yard with a huge table and chairs, so I can entertain in the evenings.  Most of my friends are on that side of town too, which makes it easier for me.  My social life is limited here.

I'll not use so much petrol either as I am close to places I visit often.

But, on the negative side, I won't get into the city so easily - the train journey is OK, much longer, though I will get more read on the train.

I've discovered places that I can revisit more easily now I am more familiar with them too.

It is a pain to pack up - but all's well.  It will be OK.

Life's a journey.


Cheyanne said...

It's fun to read about your journey as a house sitter, I myself do house sitting as well and love it!

Di Hill said...

Hi Cheyanne - Why don't you post some stories on your blog? It's easy. Take care.