Thursday, June 2

New booking

I have had my 'fingers crossed' for some time about the house sitting option for the rest of 2011, and yesterday learned that all was progressing well.  I am moving to the house at Gumdale in a few weeks time, for about five weeks, and she and her husband will be back for three weeks before they go away again, but they had plans but no confirmation - until yesterday.

It seems they will be going to Shanghai from September to end of January - so I have a roof over my head until the end of January.  Actually it might take me right up until the end of my studies, though I may have to fast track the last few weeks.

I'm jealous actually.  Not that I want to work as hard as I know she will have to with the job there, but I'd love to go back to China - Shanghai would be fine.

Still, I am content - no excited - that I will be settled until the end of January.  Later in the year I will consider my other options for 2011.

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mycouponbasket said...

Hope you figure out things and everything goes the way you have planned.... Wish you luck and do keep writing....