Saturday, June 18

Locked Out!!!

I had been out for the afternoon at a meeting about the funeral industry and came home as the sun was setting.  I dropped my things upstairs and ran down stairs to check if the fire was still going.  I went outside to get some logs of wood from the heap, and the breeze slammed the door shut behind me.  There I was  -  no key, no way in, no phone (it was upstairs in my bag), both neighbours are away and my friend who lives up the street is also away.  What do I do?

I am very security conscious and usually lock all windows and doors, but for some explained reason, I left the bedroom window upstairs open.  Lucky for me - as I could prise the windows wide open and climb inside, which I did.

Scary thought really.  I have always been concerned about security in the house - it is an easy house to get in.  There are no screens on windows and no security doors.

Well, I have one week to go.......................

(Strangely, this little corner of the suburb is dark with no activity.  I know the next door neighbours are in New York, and I think the others on the other side are away.  They usually have a host of lights on, but tonight there are none on.  It is very dark.)

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