Saturday, June 18


A few days ago I called in to see my daughter and the 2 grand daughters.  It was around 8 pm and the girls were supposed to be on their way to bed.  We had a quick cuddle, and chat.  As I was leaving (it was only a very short visit) my daughter asked me if I needed some eggs.  She was supposed to give me some a few days earlier.

Daughter Z is 'the chicken woman' - and has some dozen or so laying hens.  She sells her eggs for pocket money.  Normally I don't pay, but on this occasion she reminded me that it usually costs $2.  OK, said I, but I don't have my purse with me, so I will have to owe it.  I laughed and said "Write an IOU" - within seconds she had gone and written out on a piece of paper for me to sign.

Last night I had a dream (or was it a nighmare) that Miss Z came and took the eggs back - because I have not paid!!!!

I had to check in the fridge this morning - I still have said eggs, so my eggs are safe for the moment - must get over there and pay my $2 quickly!!!

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