Tuesday, May 24

Overgrown garden

The owner of the house visited for a short time on Sunday - he was on his way to Sydney for a work event, but came from Darwin and had a few hours to spare.  I drove to the airport to pick him up, and had him look at a few things at the house. Nothing needs repairing, but as he was there, I found a few small tasks.

He was amazed at the garden.  He had not been here for several months, and with the rain, the greenery has taken off - we can no longer see the house next door, and swathes of creeper have adorned some of the shrubs.  I do some cleaning up, removing of dead branches etc, and try and keep it in good nick,but it is far too much for me to do.

I didn't have to take him back to the airport, but I spent the afternoon reading and doing things on the computer.  Not much writing, but I made a decision to join the 31 Day Blogging Challenge.  I already had the book, but had not done anything about it.  Here's my chance.  It starts on June 1st, so I have a small head start.  I chose to start a new blog especially for the Challenge.  It is called Books, Movies and Life, and I am going to follow the instructions on a daily basis, if it doesn't interfere with my studies.  Other participants are from the US (why am I not surprised), but I have one other Aussie that I know of.

I've also set up a Facebook page for students doing the same course as me at Swinburne.  Now the task is to get others to join. So far there are four of us.

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