Tuesday, May 31

New Semester

A new semester started yesteday so I and fellow students were quick onto the Internet to find the material associated with the subjects I am doing.  One is Scriptwriting and the other is Reading and Writing.  The latter sounds very academic, and the Scriptwriting sounds exciting especially as I am writing a script at the moment.

It is strange doing an 'online' course where there is limited interaction with tutor and fellow students.  We are in different tutorial groups - about 12 to a group and for one subject we all have the one tutor who is a particularly knowledgeable in the topic, and for the other I have a key academic from the university.

We have a lecture material each week and an online tutorial - with a question we must respond to in up to 500 words.

Some of the material is quite challenging!

Still I have to find time for my other writing - blogs etc.  I am starting in the 31 Day Blogging Challenge too -and have started a new blog for this.   It is called Books Movies and Life.  You can find it here.

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