House sharing.

When I took on this house sit (and it has been since early September 2010) I knew that the son would also be living on the property.  He lives in a cabin in the back yard, and at the time he was a student.  In a way it is not a bother - where it does become an issue is (a) he is supposed to mow the lawns and I don't think he'd notice if they were 3 feet high (b) we share the washing machine, and he can leave his washing in it for days at a time (c) if he does hang his washing out - he never uses pegs, just dangles the washing over the line, and it can stay there for days on end and (d) he has been known to play loud music and entertain his friends loudly into the late night/early morning.  We've tolerated each other and barely speak.

If I do anything for him (hang washing out, bring it in, fold it, etc) he doesn't acknowledge it - (just one word 'thanks' would be nice), he makes no response.

This year he got a job in the mines, but I suspected it would not last.  Especially after I spoke with him about it.  He certainly did not like the lack of social life.  In any case, for whatever reason, he no longer goes.  He was doing one week in the mines, and one week home.  He now is home all the time, and clearly working somewhere as he goes early most mornings and is working long hours.

Today I went to do some washing and the machine is still 'on' with lights flashing and full of his washed work clothes.  I have hung them on the line.  I needed to do two loads for myself.

We have had a 'fall out'.  A few weeks ago I went to get my supply of toilet rolls. I had bought an 8 pack.  I couldn't find them anywhere.  I knew I hadn't used them, and later in the morning I thought I'd have a look in 'his' bathroom.  My toilet rolls are distinctive.  My love of purple, and I knew I had bought Coles brand, and there it was in 'his' bathroom.  I retrieved 4 rolls, and waited for him to return from the mines.

Eventually I had a chance to speak with him.  His story was that he thought his mother had left them for him.  Likely story.  Actually he probably did see them and think that his mother would have done so, but since she has not done so since September, I wonder why/how he thought this???  In any case they were with MY thing.  And not only that, clearly he had been near/going through my things in my absence.  He is not supposed to be upstairs without my OK.  No doubt I was not in the house at the time.

In any case, he was clearly miffed that I spoke to him about it.  I did ask for him to replace 4 rolls.  I told him it was not part of MY duty to buy his toilet rolls (for him and his friends).

He did replace them.  We've not spoken since.  Not that it is a bother, but I get the feeling he is not going to speak with me now.  I guess, I have just decided that I will not share when I house sit - never, every again.  Oh, well.  I have only a few weeks left here.


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