Cooking for one....

I do cook - I mean, I am not a 'take-away' person.  In any case I don't know where the closest KFC, Macca's, or Big Rooster is from here, but there are a myriad of cafes and restaurants that do home delivery, and I have not used their services.  There's only me - generally - so I am happy to cook for myself.

I love cooking and would love to create more, but apart from making 'Rocky Road' around Christmas time, I'm very basic.  I do like watching MasterChef, and My Kitchen Rules sometimes, and have learned quite a lot.  I was interested in the rabbit meal cooked on Master Chef last night, and the potato dishes.  I do make rosti - though I don't do it quite like was shown on the program.  The trifle was awesome, but the calories were screaming at me while I watched it.

A week or so I saw Maggie Beer demonstrate her famous short crust  pasty recipe, and I have tried it.  I'm not impressed.  She did say that it would shrink in the cooking, and I did allow for that, but I also thought it was too greasy.  Though I like the idea of using sour cream - so will create from my own recipe some time.  I used the pastry to make a couple of quiches - yum, but as I said, disappointed with the pastry.

I do have a favourite cafe here in Paddington, but I confess I have only tried a couple.  Near the antique shops is a bookshop and cafe, The Black Cat, which is divine.  The books are good to troll around and I have purchased there, and downstairs the lovely Dianne plies customers with delicious food and coffee.  On Thursday I met a new friend there, and tried out the poppyseed muffin.  So light, delicious!


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