Coffee at The Black Cat

I met Patty at the Black Cat Bookshop at Paddington this morning.  Great place for books and downstairs the cafe with my namesake in charge behind the counter.  It was busy this morning - lots of ladies meeting, chatting, eating etc. 

Thanks, Dianne, for my free cup of coffee!  Bargain.  (It seems she had made one too many for another table, and I was the lucky recipient.

Patty is one clever lady - combining her love of photography, family and telling stories for her Patty Beecham Productions. 

She's having her kitchen repainted after some repairs (I think the ceiling fell in with some heavy rain earlier this year) so her place is like a construction zone.

Coffee at the Black Cat it was.

I didn't get any books today - but say Susanne De Vries book with Governor General Quentin Bryce on the cover.  She writes amazing books about Australian women.  I think she is a speaker at one of our upcoming meetings of the Queensland Society of Women Writers.


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