When cyclone Yasi hit north Queensland in February this year, the banana crops were affected badly and as a result bananas have been

(a) in short supply

(b) very expensive in the supermarkets

As a result I have not eaten a banana for weeks and I have friends who laugh as they eat their 'million dollar bananas'.
This morning I drove to Paddington central and bought the Sunday Mail, with the free Jamie Oliver cookbook, and then drove to the Bardon Markets.  

They are right behind the glorious Government House, (which is having open house next week too!) The markets are a bit low key - not flash - but there were quite a few stalls with fresh fruit and vegetables that interested me, and a banana grower from Wamuran was there with his fresh bananas - Cavendish and Lady Finger varieties.

And for less than $7 a kilo!!!  I bought some Cavendish and came home and ate one for my morning tea.  So wonderful to savour the taste of fresh bananas.

One of the guys who runs a cheese and olive shop also sells a strange cigarette.  It has nicotine in it, but it is not a smoke.  It does through out steam, so that the 'smoker' looks like he is doing the real thing, and can sit with his/her smoking friends puffing away, looking like it is the real deal.

Sadly his teenage son has not embraced the safer and more economic method.  The man told me that he has friends who have saved thousands of $$$$'s using his safer method. 


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