Monday, April 25


It has been a very quiet week.  I did spend Wednesday at a series of meetings - took the photos at an event for the Wynnum Chamber of Commerce, then a meeting about funding for projects, then had coffee with a friend at Wynnum West, then visited my daughter (had a small glass of champagne), and then attended another meeting.  I managed to do some shopping at Coles,before heading back to Paddington.  Phew.  Somewhere in the middle of all that I visited Spotlight - it was funny as I had my dark glasses on, not my usual lenses, and I found it difficult to find what I wanted, but the purple wool was a standout, and I took all that was on the shelf, some needles (I've never seen the new style knitting needles for use when you have many many stitches in a row).

In any case, at the end of the day I was knackered.  Didn't get home until very late, and barely had enough energy to put the groceries away, and stagger off to bed!

I was a bit tedious on Thursday - so just worked around here.  I'd left the wool and needles in MM's car, so I didn't get that until Friday.

On Friday MM came for lunch - made some prawn pancakes - Yum.  And then I started on my knitting project.

On Saturday, I did some work around the house, (and more knitting) and in the afternoon headed off to the city.  I had to get some photos developed at Officeworks, and then wandered into the Myer and Centre and bought some Sesame Balls from the Chinese bakery there.  It is called Breadtop.  Now I don't know that Breadtop would be like to be referred to as the Chinese bakery, but the products on the shelves are identical to those that I was familiar with in China.  I was not a great fan of the food in the bakeries in China, but some products I just love.  Sesame Balls are just one of them!  (I see on their website that the items have English and Chinese names - so I am not far wrong in describing them as a Chinese Bakery.)

On Sunday (yesterday) I baked some chocolate cakes.  I was not sure what to give the grandchildren - I know they would have a plentiful supply of Easter eggs, so I gave them a small  collection and made the chocolate cakes, that had a small egg on the top.

The cakes were pretty yummy.  I did well!

We had a lovely lunch - picky salad, as we call it.  Bread, ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese etc on the table and everyone makes their own sandwich/salad.  Then we had chocolate cakes, followed by Easter Bunny chocolate rabbit. 

I headed back to Paddington in the middle of the afternoon, and on the way remembered the new area at Kangaroo Point.  A TAFE college used to sit high on the cliffs looking across the river to the city, but some short years ago the college was demolished and now it is a park, with a wonderful cafe on top of the cliffs.  Some brave people practice rock climbing down the steep cliffs, and as I pulled up and wandered to the edge I could see that some were doing it as I stood there.

I took a few photos and resolved to return. It was pretty busy - lots of people around picnicking and walking. 

Back to the Paddo house, and I chatted with a friend on Skype, before sitting down to watch TV and work on the knitting.  I will have to get some more wool - when the shops reopen after this very long long weekend.

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