Tuesday, April 19

Night Photography

What a blessing that I am living not too far from the city!  The family gave me a coupon to have a Night Photography Lesson with Penny Koukoulas and it was booked for last night.  I was aghast that the rain chose to fall all day, and in fact all night and I wondered how it would go.  I did ponder if my phone woudl go off with a message 'Class postponed' - but it didn't happen.

With all my equipment (camera/camera bag, tripod, coat, umbrella etc) I set off to catch the bus giving me plenty of time to reach the class.  Alas, the rain had caused some trauma with the bus timetable - and I had a long wait for a bus, and in the end arrived at the class 'on time'. 

There were 6 of us in total with Penny, and we met on the bridge between the Art Gallery/Museum and QPAC, and took our first photos there.  Luckily it is under cover so the continual rain did not both us.
Looking to the city from the bridge between QPAC and the Museum
We practiced with various settings, before moving on to our second spot which was not far away - in fact on the opposite side of the bridge, now looking over the traffic at the interection of Grey Street.   With the traffic movement (especially the big council buses we were able to experiment with different shots.)

We walked around the Art Gallery - all under cover, thankfully as the rain continued, and took shots at various places experimenting with different settings. 

We ended up looking back over the city, from another area, where we experimented with filming sparklers.  Rather fun really, and then with mobile phones.

Sparklers with the city in the background.
 Two hours went very quickly!!  Most enjoyable and I did learn a lot.  Need more classes though.  And I did learn that the tripod that came 'free' with my new lens, is not good enough.  It has the occasional wobble, so I will be looking to upgrade soon.

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