Monday, April 18

Near the city

I really do enjoy moving around and living in other spaces, and learning that in Australia we have such a diverse culture.  I am fascinated by the large numbers of people around the Paddington (Brisbane) area that eat out constantly it seems.  There are folk who are clearly fashion conscious and those who seem to defy all fashion rules.  Paddington is the place to buy second hand good - several second hand clothing shops as well as a wide variety of antiques. Most of the homes around the area are older timber Queenslander style - though many would be very modern inside.

Along Latrobe Terrace and Given Terrace there are many shops and restaurants and cafes and it seems the locals head out early.  Weekends are busy breakfast times, but lunch and dinner seems to also pull in the crowds.  A new place opened a week or so ago and I venture in yesterday.  I can't recall the name but it is part home decor/clothing and cafe with tables around a deck with great views over the south of the city and suburbs.  I will have to go back there one day and enjoy the coffee, food and view, but yesterday I was on a mission.  A long walk along Latrobe Terrace to the bus to travel into the city to return some overdue books at the library.

I also took a few photos in the city - as it was not the hustle and bustle of city life during working days, and a slower pace being a Sunday, I was able to get a few interesting shots of the buildings.

Looking towards the Town Hall clock from George St

Looking up in George St

In George St, Brisbane City.

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