Wednesday, April 13

Music - Chinese classical guitarist

Each morning, one of the first things I do is turn on the radio - to Classic ABC - 106.1.  I spend my morning (and often the day) listening to the amazing classical music that I enjoy.  It is also my habit to listen at night for an hour before I fall asleep.  (It is on automatic on that machine, so it turns off after the period of time I have selected).

This morning I have discovered a new wonderful performer.  A Chinese guitarist - Xuefei Yang.  You can listen to one of her concersts here, and I will also put the link to the ABC program when it is available.

The piece played this morning was extra ordinary.  I must get a copy of it.  I'm not normally a guitar fan, but her music is just so amazing.  You can read her story here - Xuefei Yang

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