Tuesday, April 5

Morning at GOMA

I remember a long time ago, when I visited an Art Gallery, it was a quiet place, where few people visited, and silently gazed at the various art works.  The Gallery of Modern Art is nothing like that - and it is a treat to go with the grand children as I did today.

They had already been there for 30 minutes or so, playing with the white lego, and when we caught up, they were keen to explore more of the amazing exhibits there.  It was crowded (school groups were there, plus it was school holidays for some) - so it was rather a noisy busy place.

Plastic bags

Shanghai Supermarket Exhibit

Shanghai Supermarket Exhibit

You'd recognise some products - familiar packages and names along with the Chinese names.

More supermarket

Recognise some of these products?

Silver balls

Inside another exhibit

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