Friday, April 15

Birds inside the house!!!

I am reading, "The Good Earth" by Pearl Buck, which I am totally engrossed in.  This morning I chose to read another chapter before doing the things listed on my 'to do list' and I'm reading quietly in the loungeroom and became aware of lorikeet chatter very close.  I stood up and crept quietly into the kitchen, and there sitting on the tap was one of the very push birds that really likes to push my buttons to get fed.  He's a bossy bird - and I seldom feed him.  (Home owner suggested that I do not!)

I had time to go and get my Samsung camera, and take the photo, before I tried to shoo him out the open window.  But he did a few laps, banged into a few windows before finding is way out the open kitchen window.  He sat stunned on the sill for a few seconds before he took off, and he and his partner flew off.

The butcher birds have been back, but I've decided NOT to feed them daily.  They too are getting too pushy, and being surrounded by more than a dozen birds that seem to be losing their natural fear of humans, is getting a little uncomfortable.

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Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Back to house-sitting and your photography, Di.