Thursday, April 7

Birds, birds

Some of the birds!

What has happened?  There are more and more birds.  Never have I had as many as ten butcher birds and three magpies (two are young ones) waiting for me at the back door. When I opened the door two flew inside the house and one crashed several times on the windows before finding his/her way out. 

This morning there was a lineup of lorikeets - I seldom feed them, mainly because they poo everywhere.  Clearly they do not have strong muscles around their anuses!!!

Still, I'd fed the butcher birds this morning - on the left over mince.  Maybe it is the mince that appeals to them!!!  Still how did the magpies know? 

In any case I know they stalk me - they site on the rails outside the window.  Sometimes they will sing to me, perhaps to entice me out with a handfull of mince, and sometimes they sing as I feed them.

I do love them but I think I'll stop for a day or so - they seem to be getting too demanding.

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