Ants, and more ants.

With the constant wet weather the ants have moved indoors.  I've never seen so many.  It is more than the geckos can manage and I think some of them have disappeared - perhaps died of overeating.

This morning I found great trails of them in the kitchen, so out with the Pea Beau.  I 'hit them with the old Pea Beau" and there are tiny bodies everywhere.  I'll vacuum them up later.  Hopefully there won't be a lot more headed this way any time soon.

I do marvel at them though.  They other day one of the magpies did a poo on the deck.  A great splat!!!  I was not sure whether to hose it off or wait for the rain, and chose to do the latter, but I need not have worred.  Soon there was an army of tiny ants and they each took a handful (or a mouthful - ugh!) and disappeared.  Within an hour or so there was no sign of the magpies bowel activity!  Amazing. 

I know they have their place in the ecology - but I wish they'd stay outside and I wish they didn't have such powerful nippers.  So many times one has found its way onto my skin, and bitten with great power.  Mind you, it doesn't leave much mark and the pain is only momentary, but still.  It's awful when they get inside one's clothes and keep biting.

Anyway today I have devastated their colonies, and will have to go around and sweeip up the tiny bodies.


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