Wednesday, March 9


I've decided I am not good at sharing.  I like to do things MY way.  I don't think that I will every be comfortable again living with anyone.  That sounds rather selfish, but I've learned that I have been very accomodating with people, but I like things my way.

"I did it may way" - good title for a song perhaps.

I like going to bed at night reading, and with ABC Classic Radio or 4MBS on in the back ground.  I put my Kindle away, and turn off the light when I feel my eyelids drooping, and usually go off to sleep straight away.  In the morning, I can be awake anytime between 5 am and 7.30 am.  I am quite likely to get up early in the morning, turn on the radio, yes, ABC Classic Radio, and I listen to the brief news on the hour, and then enjoy the music that issues forth from the radio.  I'm not enamoured by talk back, or indeed radio with lapses into heavy metal or other modern music.  I enjoy the peace and tranquility of classical music.  I'm not a fan of opera, so will switch stations, but I do enjoy good classical music and of course jazz.

I have a friend, who like me, felt that she had to compromise and watch the same television show chosen by her husband, when she really wanted to watch something else, or indeed do something else.  They built a special suite on the house for her.  I guess I chose to exercise my freedom in another way.

Sounds like I have to get something 'off my chest', but no, not really.  You see, in this house sit, I am also sharing.  The adult son of the owners lives in a cabin on the property, and there are some things we share.  For example the laundry that I use to do my washing, is also the second bathroom, which he and his girlfriend use.  If I wish to have access to the laundry, I sometimes have to wait while he or she is in shower etc.  They must have the longest showers of all - for such small people they must be very dirty!!!

OK, so that is not the end of the earth.  We also share the clothes line.  This is irritating, often, as he does his washing, drapes his clothes over the line where they stay for days.  He doesn't use pegs, and he seems to be miffed if I take his clothes in, even if I am saving them from certain drenching if the weather turns.

I also share the internet connection - and as he downloads music files, I've had on more than one occasion been restricted in using the internet (and I need it for my study!).  He leaves doors open, lights on.  Only minor inconveniences, but I do find myself easily annoyed with what seems 'little' events around the house.

Still, I'm lucky to be here.  I don't know where I go from here.

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just passing time said...

Looks like you don't have many viewers...that's ok neither do I. Your lifestyle does seem very interesting though