Tuesday, March 29

Sausages in trees?

On Sunday, I was at Newstead House - that glorious old building on the banks of the Brisbane River, near the mouth of Breakfast Creek, where I was taking photos of a wedding.  It was blowing a gale. 

It is a lovely old historic house - and quite popular for visitors and tours. There I found this extra ordinary tree!  Things looking like huge peanuts dangled from the tree.  I actually said to MM that it was a peanut tree, and he look and agreed before realising that they were far bigger 'peanuts' than the real thing.  There was a sign on the tree that read "Africa Sausage Tree" - along with the botanical name for it.

The Brisbane River looing from Newstead - Mt Gravatt in the background

The African Sausage Tree

Newstead House

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