The birds are back.

They are friendly, but at times I feel like I might be reliving a scene from a Hitchcock movie.  They really are quite cute, but a little demanding and intimidating.  I only have to appear in the kitchen early in the morning and they start.  Cheeky is often the first, and he follows me - if I go to the bedroom, he'll be on the deck looking in the window, hoping I will get some food for him. 

When I do go out with their food - about 8 or 9 butcher birds appear - and they compete in a friendly manner for the food I throw them.

Today though, Cheeky has been fed, and sits around perhaps hoping that I have forgotten.  He's had a snooze too - and now he is crying at the door.  He has flown at the window a couple of times.

He's cute, but a bit pushy.


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