Monday, March 14

About my Kindle

I bought my Kindle about two months ago and have absolutely no regrets.  I had procrastinated for quite a while, but in the end, just did it.  When it came, I tentatively opened it, and put it all together.  I had the Kindle and the cover with light - it cost a little more to have the light, but again, I have no regrets.

I downloaded free and pay per book books, and have read most of them.  I am wading through the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi (which has quite a few challenges with spelling errors, and much reference to Indian culture that I just skim over). 

A week or so ago I registered with Smashwords, as I am exploring publishing one of my books with Smashwords, and I learned that I could also download books from that site.  I am sure there are other sites that I can choose to download books - am slowly but surely exploring the options I have.

I am sure booksellers would be concerned about the increase in e-readers, but I find that I also continue to buy 'real' books.  In fact in the past few weeks have spent much more money on books than I have in recent times.  I still like the feel of real books, and if I had to choose between real books and a Kindle, I'd find it very difficult.

My Kindle is fabulous for when I am travelling - not that I have done a lot lately, but an return air trip to Adelaide, and a drive to Mt Gambier (ok, I didn't read as I drove, but it was good to open up the Kindle during my 'rest periods' and at night in the motel, or when I awoke very early.)

I confess I have not tried another e-reader, but I've discussed my Kindle with friends, who have been considering buying an iPad for example, or another brand of e-reader.  The neat size of the Kindle is impressive, and much easier to carry than the iPad for example, though I know that the iPad has other features, not available in the Kindle.  My Kindle is only for reading.  It fits neatly into my (rather large) handbag, and goes with me everywhere.  I am surprised how many pages I go through even in the short bus trip to the city, or the journeys I make by train.  I find it easy to cast may eyes at the passing scenery, and then find my place again in the Kindle.  If I close the Kindle, it easily finds my place when I next open it or turn it on.  No need for a physical book mark.

I have had a look at other e-readers, but in my research I kept coming back to the Kindle.  It was less expensive, and had more features than anything else I saw.

I find the Kindle easy to use.  Fabulous actually.  I'm hooked!


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Di Hill said...

thanks for your comments. I might add that I find it wonderful for my study too. Books I can download easily, QUICKLY, and often at low cost. I love also that I can open it up and find my place easily. Saves a lot of time.