Monday, February 28

Sunday ...................

I tried to sleep in, but couldn't, though I did manage about 45 minutes 'rest' later in the morning.  Was reading and the eyelids started closing so I put my Kindle down, and dozed off.  When I awoke, I decided to do a few things around the house, and then go to the movies after I had listened to Songs of Praise (one of my favourite Sunday activities!!), and ABC's Landline.

I took off - drove to Paddington Central, parked the car near the shopping centre, and very quickly caught the bus into the city.  The bus driver was quite a character, and he let me off at 'an unofficial stop' so that I did not have to walk far to the theatre.  I go to the Palace Theatre - a short bus trip from Paddo.

The movie was "The King's Speech" which I note is up for some Academy Awards today, and I hope it does well there.  It was a brilliant movie - lots of great Aussie humour with Geoffrey Rush in the character of the speech thereapist!!!

After the movie I trekked out through the crowds milling around the restaurants and theatres of The Barracks, and bought a few things at Coles before going to the bus stop.  I waited and waited.  It seems one bus did not come or it came early.  The next bus was due at 5.11 pm and it too was late.  It was nearly 5.30 before it came, and I was phoning Translink to complain when the bus flew around the corner.  I was not quick off the mark, and the bus had to stop quickly when the driver saw me wave (you have to be really 'on the ball' to attract the bus driver, but I was on the phone about to complain!)

While I was waiting at the stop, fire engines roared past me and headed down Caxton St.  I was not to know that it would affect my bus trip home later!!

The late buses had nothing to do with the fire - at least not up until after 5 pm.  Still I will explain.

Anyway, when I got on the bus, the driver explained that there was a fire in Latrobe Tce, and the roads were shut.  Where was the car?  Just off Latrobe Tce.  Anyway, the bus turned at the interesection of Given and Latrobe Tces, so I had to get off.  Here I was, after waiting for nearly an hour (standing) and then havine a one km walk, with three bags of shopping.

As it turns out, there was a council transport worker, a lovely lady, who took me to Paddington.  Only a short walk to the car.  The fire was further up the road, so I took the back street back to the house.

The news that evening, shortly after I returned home, it was reported that a new restaurant, not far from here, caught fire.  No one was hurt.

Today I may just go to the movies again to see "Black Swan" but I have some work to do first.

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