Tuesday, February 1

Study time............

I am staying with my daughter and family at Hemmant.  The girls are back at school after the holidays so hopefully I can get my studies done - it should be all quiet in the house all day.  Today my daughter works, so I will be all alone.  It is raining - so a bit cooler than it has been in the last few days but the humidity high. Fan on.

I try to keep out of the way - in the mornings it can be a bit chaotic with the two girls scrambling to do their chores and get ready for school, but Number One granddaughter, loves to read my Kindle. She is reading the story of Daisy Bates and I have set up her own collection in MY Kindle.  Last night she had to read for 15 minutes - a requirement every day after school.  One that she enjoys.  She is a huge reader of books and can't wait to do her reading time.  Last night she wanted to read the Kindle, and she did.  Read overtime - nearly 30 minutes  (and of course she was not complaining).

This morning at 6.30 am she appeared beside my bed.  "Can I read the Daisy story?" she asked.  I reached down beside the bed and picked up the Kindle and I handed it to her.  She lay beside me reading until her mother appeared.  "Get ready for school." - and I lay in bed reading my story while the chaos of mornings in a household with two children preparing for school, a dad and mum preparing for work.  When they had departed, I came out and made my breakfast.

Well get into study shortly.......

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