Thursday, February 24

Mt Gambier - Adelaide - Brisbane

What a journey!  It was an indulgent trip - much just to go to places I had not been for many years.  I saw my parents for a few days before the Mount trip, and a few days afterwards, and the trip itself was exhilarating.  How I love to drive!  Long distances too!  I drove over 1000 kms in two days!  Safely.  No car problems at all.  The Kia Carnival was a bit big for my exercise (yes, costly petrol) but I enjoyed being a little higher in the vehicle than a small car would have afforded me.

It was emotional to see the house that belonged to my parents in the 1970's, to see the church where I was married, and hospital and nurses home from my training days.  It was weird to see the old sleepy Mt Gambier all grown up and modernised too.

I have resolved to make a few more trips in future visits to Adelaide.

Of course, it was a trip that I should have taken a week or so to do - but time was an issue for me.  Two days or not at all! Easy choice.  You can see some of my photos here.

I flew back to Brisbane from Adelaide late last Thursday night (a week ago today), and moved back in with my daughter and her family.  I had a busy Friday and on the weekend when my daughter and her friends went to Byron Bay for a girls weekend, I 'supervised' with the help of my son in law, two grandchildren and two friends.

I took them to Little Athletics on the Saturday afternoon - it was hot and I'm glad it was not me running around exercising in the heat, as me and my Kindle sat under the shade of some trees, enjoying a refreshing breeze that seemed to last all afternoon.

On the Sunday morning I baked several batches of Anzac biscuits, meringues, and of course lunch.  The four girls played with water bombs and hoses in the garden to beat the heat - using their own water supply.

On Sunday afternoon I moved back to Paddington - where I will be house sitting until the end of June.

In the last two - three weeks there have been several changes here in Paddington.  There is a street, divided.  On the high side most people travel towards Croydon Street, and on the low side (there are trees, bushes, and a wall of sorts between the roads), people usually travel in the other direction.  Now there are arrows!  Rather ugly, and the locals are upset about it.  It seems whether the arrows are there or not, people choose to travel whichever direction that suits them.  Dangerous??? Sure.

I'm back.  Alone and free to do as I choose.  Nice feeling.  Also I've managed to get back on track with my studies, Ithink.

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