Monday, January 10

What about the animals, birds, insects?

What about the animals, birds and insects in the great wet?  With floods everywhere and constant rain, what do they do?  We see on television news the kangaroos jumping to higher ground, and the horses and cattle finding some refuge on a small plot of high ground, and the cattle that have floated some 40 kms from where they live.  (Apparently cows can 'inflate' and float, and one has been see floating 20 kms out to see near Great  Keppel Island.)  There must be a terrible loss of life during this flood - all those living creatures that inhabit the vast countryside that is currently flooded and in many cases will be flooded for weeks to come.  With constant rain, the flood levels are only dropping slowly.

Two of my butcher birds have sought refuge on the back deck - I've put out some food for them, but they have ignored it.  They actually look frightened.

Most places in Brisbane have had ants everywhere.  Usually tiny ants (with a big bite if they get you).  The photo above is of a group of ants - just a tiny group of them compared to what I see.  They do clean up mess - in this case some droppings left my lorikeets, and I was happy to see them 'take it away'.  We know that these ants come before rain - and they certainly did.  In the house, along walls, everywhere.  But now with the rain - they have gone.

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