Saturday, January 15

The Smell!!!

I woke this morning to a terrible smell.  I am just a km or so from the flooded area, but there's no doubt that the smell was from the floods.  Mixed with the smell of mould.  Yes, everything is mouldy.  I know that living in the sub tropics that mould can be a problem.  Perhaps it is worse this season as the heavy rain meant that we could not keep the doors and windows open all the time, but the air was 100% sodden.  

There are things inside the house and outside that are mouldy.Still, the smell here can not be as bad as it is right in the midst of the clean up area, where rotting food, and other rubbish is mixed with the stinky mud from the river.  Terrible.  Apparently it lingers for weeks.  

I've tried to buy some Oil of Cloves, which apparently is good to kill the mould - but it seems that there is none to be bought.  Others have the same idea.

Soon the mosquitos will be hatching and there concerns for a number of diseases including dengue fever.  I've bought some repellant.  Ugh.


Kratik said...

Absolutely brilliant.
Well written :)
please also read my blog:

Cheers :)

kiles1670 said...

we bought oil of cloves from ebay. i hope all is ok at your place now

Di Hill said...

Thank you Kiles1670, I had not thought of getting it on ebay. However, I learned from Shannon Lush on radio, how to make something with cloves and it is working well. Thank you.

kiles1670 said...

you should share it Di, i am sure it will help people