Rain and More Rain for Queensland

The statistics are pretty awesome.  According to The Australian (January 6th, 2011) Australia has had its third wettest year on record, the wettest 'dry season" in the north on record, the coolest year since 2001, and the warmest decade on record. What does that all mean in relation to the 'climate change' that we hear so much about?

As I type this, the rain is falling heavily here at Paddington.  It has rained most of the day, and when I was in the city a few hours ago the heavens seemed to open up - it was very wet.  I hear on the news that some suburbs here around Brisbane are flooding at high tide.  January is usually a time with extreme high tides, and with the water flowing from the upper reaches of the river, flooding the towns along the way.  Record flooding has been experienced in many parts of this state.  

Rockhampton, Condamine, Bundaberg, Emerald, St George, and towns in between have suffered from the most chalening floods for some time.  Our hearts go out to those people who are still in refuges, still to get back to their homes to see the damage to their own properties, to the farmers whose crops or livestock have suffered.  It is unbelievable what is happening.

Flooding is especially appalling as it often takes a long time to reach its peak, and then a lot longer for the water to recede, and heartbreaking and time consuming to deal with the damage to homes, and loss of personal items.

The damage to roads, railway lines, fences, water and sewerage plants, telephone and electricity - is mounting up to be a huge cost to the state.

Here at the house sit - I am well above any flood waters, though on the side of a hill.  Hopefully the hill won't slide away.

One thing though has happened the phone doesn't work. - I don't use the housesit phone, ever, to make calls - I prefer to use my mobile phone, but the incoming calls are annoying me.  Someone is trying to phone.  Who?  I have no idea - and when I lift the receiver to speak it sounds like a forest fire inside.  No voice at all.  When I hang up - it continues to ring.  Grr.  Water damage?  GOK. 


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