Monday, January 31

No fixed abode.

I've moved out of the Paddington house, and staying with my daughter, her husband and their two daughters.  My grandchildren.  So much fun.  The plan is that when they are at school, I will study!!!  Have so much to do. 

However, yesterday we, (MM and I) went to the cricket at the 'Gabba.  Australia vs England - a day night match.  We went by public transport - free when going to big matches at the 'Gabba, so it was train from Lindum (parked the car there) to South Bank and from there, the free bus to the 'Gabba.  We managed to find our seats - and great ones they were too, with a fantastic view of the field.  We were also in the front row - which means more leg room.  (We'll remember that for when we book again next time.)

Australia won the toss, and batted first and did quite well, though not spectacularly well.  Still they made 249 runs, which the English team could not match.

It was a fun day - and one I will remember for a long time.

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