New Year Celebrations

It is not every year that I am still awake at midnight on New Year's Eve - I like my sleep, but we had good reason to stay awake this time.  My friend Bev from WA was here, and we had an invite to Tartufo, a fairly new Italian restaurant in the Emporium, 1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, and a free return ride to the venue. 

We arrived around 8 pm and the restaurant was already buzzing with activity, and found our seats beside the entertainers (one of whom was our son Gavin), and settled in for the night.  Wine came, and later we ordered dinner.  I had white bait fritters - tasty fritters on a bed of parsley. Bev had a fabulous fish (snapper) dish, and MM had some pasta with sardines and anchovies. 

The entertainment started - it was wonderful to here our son sing again - it has been a while since he sang, and a longer while since we were in the audience.

Gavin Hill and Coco at Tartufo
Our desserts were stunning - all up a great meal - thank you Tony  Percuoco.  The staff were excellent - very efficient and friendly too.

Yummy dessert

The night wore on and the dance floor became busy.  Yes, we all spent some time wobbling around the floor.  There were some rather drunken females, one who took over the microphone and wandered through the crowd singing.  Until a staff member caught her, picked her up and brought her back to the stage area.

Dancing Queen

Gavin pounds the bongos.
Certainly we celebrated the New Year. Great shouting, dancing, laughing and celebration as the old year passed and the new one entered.
Happy New Year.


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