Friday, January 28

Moving out

I've been in this house for around 4 months now, and the lady of the house is returning - it is winter holiday in China, as the nation prepares for the big event of the year.  Spring Festival.  I can remember going to Anchung, an ancient water village not far from Shaoxing about this time in 2008, and seeing some of the preparations.  Chickens, ducks, fish and other delicacies were being prepared for the festival.  They were hanging, on makeshift racks all around the places.  Heads on, feathers off.  Looking rather bizarre, but it is such a huge festival, this is one of the ways of preparing for the event.  Chinese people love their food - so this festival is as much about food as it is about the lunar new year.

Strangely, this is a time where people set out to make a positive change in their lives - so often take on a new name.  Rather confusing, but if they have not achieved their goals in the previous year/s it is a good idea to 'start again.'

I think of my Chinese friends at this time.

The lady of the house is back for around three weeks, so I am moving to my daughter's place - and hopefully will finish my assignments for uni in the next week, as the following week I go to Adelaide to visit the folks.

Just like the Chinese are doing at this time of year - going back to visit their parents.

My neice has just had her first baby - so I look forward to seeing baby Evan.

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