Friday, January 7

More on the menagerie here.

The rain is causing distress to the wild life and I am doing what I can to help.  My tribe of butcher birds has increased and they are turning up earlier and more often.  I do hope they do not forget how to find their own food as when the rain stops so will I!  Baldy is going bald faster, and I worry about him/her.  Cheeky is still being ostracised by the tribe, and I suspect because he has not been turning up at feeding classes with his Mum and Dad and he has been quite intrusive.  Apart from coming in the house and scaring himself and me, he sits on the deck. Clearly he hates the rain too.

Two lorikeets have appeared and one has been tapping on the window. So, despite my instructions NOT to feed them, I have done so occasionally.  They look so sad, wet and bedgraggled.  I feel sorry for them.

The possums too are finding it difficult.  This morning I found the little possum hiding in the fern again.  He actually breaks off fronds to create a sort of cavern to protect/hide himself.  I often check as I remember frightening him and myself when I watered the plant some time ago and didn't notice him there.
So, in which hanging pot is the possum hiding?

Is it here?

Hard to tell but the brown furry blob in the middle is a sleeping possum!

Possum on the deck at dusk.

Cheeky - a loner.
Geckos, spiders, and other things seem to be seeking protection indoors.  I am sure that was a big spider I crushed in my pocket when I ironed black pants.  Crunch.  Still, as long as they don't invade my private space too much I can manage.

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