Friday, January 7

Guess what!! More rain.

This morning it came over dark.  8 am and summer and we need the lights on to see.  Of course that heralded a heavy rain downpour.  And it came!  So heavy.  I stood at the window and watched.  Luckily I am on high ground, but I would not like to be driving or walking in it.  Even a huge umbrella would provide little protection.

A mural at Ahmets
I have been inside most of the week, a quick trip to the airport on Monday morning to take Bev to the airport, and yesterday a few hours out as I went to South Bank for lunch at Ahmet's Turkish Restaurant.

I love Ahmet's - I had my usual Lebanase bread and dips, and then we had a Chicken Pide - which was wonderful followed by Turkish delight and coffee.

Turkish Delight

I caught the bus into the city, and went to Officeworks for a couple of things, thinking I could get a bus to South Bank, but the rain was so heavy I ran to a taxi rank and caught a taxi over.  Managed to get a bus back to Paddington, and keep my feet wet.


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