Brisbane River Photos

Road underwater

Underwater walkway

Bridge - note someone trying to save his boat in the river.

Police Boat on the River

Swirling water in the river near a bridge pylon
These photos were taken at the Brisbane River today (January 13th,)

A view of the city - with the swirling waters of the river.

Cane furniture in the river

Logs, and rubbish.

Bridge over muddy waters

Floating matress

Walkway on the south bank

Overflowing river

Walkway under water

The Wild River

Army helicopters out on duty

More rubbish

The Walkway under water

Rubbish in the river

Milton Rd with the Iconic XXXX Brewery on the right - flooded.
I'm lucky.  I live near the floods - but well above flood level.  Our government has requested that we do not go near the floods unless we have business there, but I managed to take a short walk from my supermarket to the river and other area under flood. 

We are all touched in some way by the disaster.  

Donation can be made to the fund - a lot of money will be needed for those people who have lost everything.  Click here to donate.

Funny flood photos


Amir said…
Thanks for your pictures. :D

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