Saturday, December 18

Storms continue

Each day the clouds roll across the sky from the west in a menacing fashion.  Low familiar rumbles bound from the clouds, and as the sky darkens the spectacular lightning flashes pierce the sky.  As the storm comes closes it appears that the lightning is flashing into one's back yard and the loud claps of thunder frighten us, and shake the ground.  The rain comes - sheets of it.  We've had record rains again, and storms with some 12,000 lightning strikes.  Trees crash and crumble - houses and cars are damaged.  It is scary.

We went to Manly Markets today, to look at the goods on sale as well as meet with a friend.  We could see the broken trees along the side of the roads - great gum trees, and others, carted off the roads and piled high waiting for the council to collect the debris.  

The markets were good - the last one before Christmas had folk buying up to fill their refrigerators, last minute gifts etc.  We stayed a while - bought some lettuce, mangoes, and some treats before headed back towards the city.  We'd agreed to meet some folk at South Bank - we found them and went to Ahmets for our lunch.  Four nurses at lunch - though three of them are still working.

After lunch we left - back to the house waiting for some other friends, who reneged and are now coming tomorrow.  Will be a busy day as I have friends coming for lunch too.  Monday is a declared study day.  I must catch up.

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