Saturday, December 25

Rain amd more

It is Christmas Day - so what am I doing on the computer?  My friend and I are having a quiet day.  Yesterday we were very busy and shortly I will roast some turkey and trimmings for lunch, and this afternoon we will indulge in a whole range of nibbles on the deck weather permitting.

How I feel for all those folk who planned outdoor activities today.  While it is not actually raining as I speak, the cloud cover is heavy and you can almost see written on the clouds the message 'watch out - more rain to come'.  LAst night it bucketed down.  Heavy constant rain.  We did wonder if the rain would dislodge the house and drat it into the bottom of the hill.  Luckily it appears no damage is done.

Yesterday, MM was working as Santa at Carrara Markets, so we went with him, and after a wander around the markets we headed for Mermaid Beach and drove along the esplanade right to Southport.

The rain was continuous and hard to see much.  We did pause not far from Main Beach and watch the churning seas, and a brave man set out with surf board and kite to test his skill against the elements.

Braving the waves

The kite

The seas at Main Beach

We went on to the Seaway, but again the weather made it unpleasant, though some brave souls were fishing. 

From the seaway back to Southport
We went back to Marina Mirage - and wandered around the shops just looking really and we set out to find somewhere for lunch.  I wanted a light meal and a view of the marina.  There are so many huge boats in the marina that it would be a shame to sit inside.

Quite by accident we found Rib and Rumps and enjoyed a light meal - we had calamari (so tasty and tender) and garlic prawns. The staff were friendly and looked after us very well, and yes, I will go back again.  The calamari - yummm!!!!

Afterwards we got back to the car (in the car park under Marina Mirage which was flooded - quite scary and strange really but apparently common there!), and we made our way back along the esplanade to the Oasis Shopping Centre at Broadbeach before we picked up MM (Santa) and headed to see the grandchildren.

Another Christmas Party with excited children.

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