Thursday, December 16

Quiet Day

We stayed home yesterday.  My friend B, was not feeling 100% with a mild cold, so we changed plans.  I did go and meet with A at Merlo's Coffee place at Paddington, and called in at Woolworths on my way back to the car.  Nice to chat with A, who is going to China next year.  Quite a funny story as I had sent her info about cheap air fares to China via Air Asia, but without looking at a map and checking her details, she booked to go to Chendu.  Not Hangzhou.  Mmm.  Suddenly realising her mistake she tried to change the flight but could not, so now is flying into Chendu, staying overnight and then getting a flight to Hangzhou.  Luckily all cheap flights and she still does it all, even with accomodation, at very little $$$s.

A line of storms came through last night - one before dusk was particulary dramatic over the southern and bayside suburbs, and MM phoned to say how much the water had come up at Wynnum West.  He had never seen it like that.  I had seen it so many times but not for many years.  Often those things happened when he was at work.  Still, there was no power over that way for several hours.

Later another storm hit on the western side of the city. B and I sat out on the deck first with a glass of wine, and some nibbles, and then having dinner by candle light, so that we could more easily see the spectacular light show put on by the lightning.

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