Saturday, December 4

Making Lilly Pilly Jam

Lilly Pilly Fruit
I've heard about it but not tasted it.  The idea of trying it came to me the other day when I tasted some ripe fruit on a tree near the car port.  It was funny as an old man who lives in the next street was walking around checking out houses and renovations (there are quite a few going on here) and he called out to me.  "Hey lady" - it is funny hearing someone call me that.  Anyway he told me about the renovations and asked about the price of the house next door which was on the market a few months ago (went for well over $1 million) and as I was talking with him I popped a lilly pilly in my mouth.  He was shocked.  "Can you eat those things?"   Yes, I replied.

Anyway we chatted about the houses around here and he wandered off.  Then I noticed the other bush on the property - just laden with fruit.  Mmmm.  I might try to make the jam.

So I found a recipe here.

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