Wednesday, December 29

Ipswich by train

What to do?  The rain eased - only a slight shower in the morning, but still, with the skies cloud covered it was not a good day for sight seeing - and anyway there are quite a few roads closed.  We decided to go to Ipswich.

Ipswich is a very old place - full of historical Queensland homes, as well as old solid buildings e.g. old banks, town hall, churches etc some 40 kms from the city.  It is a 50 minute train trip from Roma Street Railway Station, so we figured it would be a good day out - out of the rain, interesting things to see.  As it turns out we set off a bit later than we planned, but it was OK.  

Drove to Paddo, and caught the bus to Roma St, and then quickly onto the train.  Had two low life (blokes) in the carriage that played loud country and western music but they got off at Wacol (familiar with the territory - gaol etc?) and on we went.  The scenery was every changing from the heavily populated area of Brisbane, to the beautiful homes over the other side of the swiftly flowing river, and on out through the outer suburbs and bushland that lines both sides of the track.

Once the noisy guys got off the train, we found it more comfortable and on either side of the track could see the old Queensland houses.

In no time we arrive at Ipswich, and as we approached the station we could see the flooding below - the Bremer River had broken its banks. there were no shops (not even a place for a coffe nearby) so we wandered down to the river and took a few photos, before making our way up to Brisbane Street, and wandering a short way past the Town Hall.

On our way back we realised we'd just missed a return train - but they go every half hour, so it was no problem.  As we walked past an old pub we realised they had poker machines, so we entered for a little dabble.   I came out some $18 better off, and we walked slowly to the train.

Again we had low-life on the train - two rough looking guys with their skate boards played loud rap music that had language foul enough to make a wharfie blush, that all on board could hear, as they "sang" along with the rapper.  Luckily they got off after a couple of stations.

Back into the city - bus to Paddo and back again to Ozanne St.  Great day.  (Oh, glad we didn't have to watch the cricket all day - miserable.)

The Bremer River at Ipswich December 28th, 2010

Water over the road

You'd get your feet wet on the pathway here.

Flooding under the rail bridge.


Matt D said...

I don't think I want to take a walk in that park on a rainy day! Excellent photos.

Di Hill said...

The whole state of Queensland is flooding. Awful tragedies everywhere.

Matt D said...

Wow. I live in Japan and was not aware of this. I just stumbled across your blog almost accidentally and was really impressed with the photos. I'm very sorry to hear about the problems people are having. I hope conditions improve soon!

Di Hill said...

Thank you for your concern Matt. Australia is a land of extremes - to the north east we are inundated by water (floods) to the west, they are in drought, and to the south, it is so dry that bushfires are the problem. This is Australia.