Wednesday, December 1

I drove Mr B's Car

It has been pouring with rain today - really bucketing down, so I had second thoughts about Mr B's car, and eventually took the key thing (it doesn't look like a key - but if you press a button on it, the key springs out!!  It was fear and trepidation that I got in and figured out where all the important things were (traffic indicator, brakes, lights (oh, they go on automatically if it is dark) and set off with great care.

One thing I didn't check was opening the window - a necessity when one is going into a car park and needs to fling the arm out to press a button, and activate the parking ticket.  There was a car in front of me, so I had time to check and worked it out without any hassles. 

It reminded me of the time I was in Ireland driving a Peugot - and could not find the button to open the windows.  I had to open the door to pay at the toll as I left Dublin!!!  

Mr B's car is a Holden (of course) CallaisV - the most wonderful car I have ever driven.  I want one.  There is a slight problem of finances - I certainly can't afford one, but it was like taking the car on a test run - and if there is any chance of me getting a huge sum of money - I will certainly speak with Mr B and see what we can do.

Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket or two.  It's my only chance.

(now to get it back to Mr B's place in one piece!)

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