A Day Out

A quiet morning with plans for lunch at the Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens Cafe, and we left here about 12.15 pm. I'd looked at the forecast and there was nothing to suggest anything likely to happen, and we went straight to the top of Mt Coot-tha and there for all to see was storms racing in from the west.

Brisbane City from the top of Mt Coot-tha (16/12/2010)

Looking west from Mt Coot-tha

Storms approaching

Ominous Dark Clouds
My original plan was to go up to Mt Coot-tha and come down the other way via the tourist drive, but the approaching storm hasten my change of plans, and we headed back down to the Botanical Gardens straight away, and found ourselves a nice table with a view over the lake.  

We hadn't received our meal when the storm hit and our once magnificent view was interrupted by the necessary plastic curtain.  As it was when the wind turned nasty we had to move away as great chunks of water found there way to the table and chairs of those folk sitting there.  Fabulous view one minute - wet and soggy the next.

We managed to find a safe spot at the end of the table and ate as the tremendous storm hit with vengance.  Rain, rain, lightning, wind.  And it went on and on.

Eventually it settled down and stopped.  We set off for the Black Cat Bookshop at Paddington.


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