Wednesday, December 1

The Car

The car sat in the car port all day - I was hoping to get it easily fixed without bothering Mr B from Beecham Holden. He visited this morning and has taken the car for repairs.  He has given me the key to his car - but I will do anything to avoid using it. It is a very powerful car - and I'd feel safer if I left it where it is!

I may walk up to the bus stop and catch a bus to the city.  I have a couple of tasks to do - and it will be good to get out and walk.

If I go to the supermarket I can get a taxi back to the house.  

I don't even need the car tomorrow, but if I get the Astra back I will go to Coles at the Barracks, Paddington to do some weekend shopping.  I have a few birthdays and Christmas presents to buy, so I should be able to do it all without risking Mr B's flash car!

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